ANITA is based in Hertfordshire and London, UK. She has been performing and teaching since 2000. In addition to solo work, Anita dances with her student group MIZMARA Dancers, the TABEEYA DANCE COMPANY and RAQS DORSET. She also runs workshops, demonstrations and delivers short talks on the social, political and historical context of dance in Egypt and the Middle East.

A passionate believer in developing students' own body awareness, she stresses the importance of a strong body and correct posture. She nurtures the individuality of each student and encourages their authentic expression and unique performance style. Anita continues to study herself and extend her knowledge and understanding of the natural flow of energy in dance and movement generally. Anita has made regular trips to Egypt to further her understanding of the dance within the Egyptian culture and to work with traditional musicians, including The Musicians of the Nile, takht ensembles and Nubian musicians. She continues to study with exceptional dancers, teachers and musicians worldwide.

As Egyptian Dance instructor at Champneys Health Resort for almost eight years until 2008, her strong, elegant style and clear teaching skills earned the admiration and respect of the many Middle Eastern regulars. She continues to run special workshops there from time to time.

Anita spent years as an English teacher and Educational Psychologist in South Africa. In the UK since 1980, she spent a decade in IT Training, Quality Management and Implementation Consultancy and a further decade as a Bereavement and Addiction counsellor, returning to her first career in therapy at this time. The last decade has been very dance oriented, alongside other creative activities, lots of gardening and singing, ensuring life is lived to the full.