THURSDAY Morning Classes (Weekly)
at The Town Hall, Berkhamsted, HP4 3AP
09:30 - 11:00
8 Drop in
from 10 January 2013


International Women's Day Workshop
FRIDAY, 8th March
6.30 - 8.30pm
Celebration of dance, by women, with women FUNDRAISER for Wycombe Rape Crisis
A performance by MIZMARA Dancers

What to Expect at a class


Bodywork is a vital when preparing for any movement activity, especially dance. Classes begin with routines to relax and align the whole body, deepen the breath, warm the muscles and articulate the joints. We also locate and activate the abdominals and pelvic floor musces and activate the spirals in the body, strengthen the back, hip joints and extend working the spirals and sense of line. Finally we focus on engaging our core without tension, grounding and centering ourselves.


The dance is taught in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Using a mixture of choreography and improvisation, you can delight in your own expression of this ancient and contemporary art form.

My approach to dance is progressive but rooted in the inspirational traditional dances and music of Egypt. Students are encouraged to take their inspiration from Egyptian rhythms and music, harness it and direct energy into a creative and fresh dance experience. The dance is at its best when the dancer places a strong emphasis on good grounded posture, strength, passion and respectful and exciting interpretation of the music - a tall order but a wonderful challenge.

What to Wear

Wear a long full skirt, straight dress or loose trousers, a comfortable top with sleeves and a scarf to wrap around your hips. We dance barefoot or in soft shoes. As our warm-up does involve floor exercises, you can wear loose trousers too.
Bring a mat to lie on if you wish.


Dances from the Middle East and North Africa are taught worldwide and the diversity of styles reflects the long and fascinating social and political history of the region.

I focus on celebrating the music and dance styles of different regions, from the earthy folk of rural Egypt to the jazzy urban folk style and classical styles of many eras using the aesthetics of THE RAQS SHARQI SOCIETY style as well as contemporary ideas and inspirations from HILAL DANCE.

2011 Workshops

24 September, Folk Workshop, Longdean SportSpace, Hemel Hempstead, Herts

25 June, Baladi Veil Workshop, Town Hall, Berkhamsted, Herts

11 June, Public Workshop, Chesham Carnival, Lowndes Park, Chesham, Bucks

2010 Workshops

10 September, Baladi Workshop at Chalfont Leisure Centre, Bucks

21 April, Egyptian Dance Workshop at Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead, Herts

2009 Workshops

30 August 2009 Egyptian Dance Workshop in Berkhamsted, Herts

16 May 2009 Shaabi Workshop in Berkhamsted, Herts

2008 Workshops

2-24 June: 4-Week course at Greenway School, Berkhamsted, Herts

28 May, Shaabi Stick Workshop in Berkhamsted, Herts

15 March, Nubian Choreography Workshop in Broadmayne, Dorset.

14 February, Sha'abi workshop at the Old Town Hall, Berkhamsted, Herts.

2007 Workshops

1 September 2007. Baladi workshop at The Old Town Hall, Berkhamsted.

21 July 2007. Intro to Raqs Sharqi workshop at The Festival of Song, Drum and Dance, Old Welwyn

18 June 2007. Sha'abi workshop at the Mentmore Golf and Country Club, Mentmore

18 April 2007
Sha'abi workshop for the Arts Evening at The Tring Learning Centre, Tring

12 April 2007
Classical Flow Workshop at The Old Town Hall, Berkhamsted

2006 Workshops

7 December 2006
An introduction to the lyrical and refined CLASSICAL veil dance of the Ottoman courts

3 November 2006
Introduction to the rich textures of BALADI, the urban folk dance developed in the early 19th Century at The Old Town Hall, Berkhamsted

11 October 2006
An introduction to Egyptian Dance at the Tring Learning Centre, Tring

5 October 2006
An introduction to the earthiness and exuberance of SHA'ABI, the folk dance of Upper Egypt at The Old Town Hall, Berkhamsted