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MIZMARA Performing Group

The MIZMARA performance group exists to promote and nurture performance skills, experience the challenge of preparing for performance and delivering something special to our audiences.

Joining Requirements
Students must be signed up for regular classes and be prepared to commit to rehearsals, costuming and travelling expenses.

Social Stuff

13 December 2010 Scoff and Swish. End of term shared supper and dancing.

26 June 2009 Nosh and Natter. End of term shared lunch.

2 July 2008 Musing over music with shared supper. Bop awhile.

20 March 2008 Lunch and performance videos. Shared lunch and lounge about.

14th February 2008 Evening viewing film 'Umm Kulthum - A Voice Like Egypt'. Narrated by Omar Sharif.